ALG - 340/9

Cold conformation machine for omegas manufacturing.

This is a profile machine that comprises 9 conformation stations, mounted on the support structure (bench).
The machine is equipped with inlet plate guides, turkish head,  and lateral lathes.
The equipment is driven by a gear motor and 9 cardan transmission gearboxes.
The machine has a continuous and automatic drilling programmable system.

Steel or concrete structures. Its main feature is its ability to overlay by successive coupling, and the imobilization and  stiffness are provided by the drilling points that exist along and allow a variable overlap.
It also provides the crossing of elements of the same or different section.


Confomation Stations


Gear motor

15 cv


50 mm

Maximum Band Width

340 mm

Maximum Band Thickness

2 mm

Hydraulic Central

10 cv

Machine Size

7 m x 1,20 m

Profiles made