Design and Technology
Electromechanical irreversible motor for swing gates.
Max. size per sheet 3m and 600 kg. 
230Vac, 24 Vdc. 

Designed to enhance each type of gate, it fits in any environment.
The sleek and engaging line in two pre-molded aluminum shells makes JET a unique example of creativity made ​​in Italy.
Thanks to the removable connector, stages of installation and maintenance become simple and fast.
The capacitor is incorporated in the gear motor while the mobile limit switches allow fast adjustment of the course.
The "heart" of JET is the mechanical transmission, designed without economy in order to ensure maximum reliability and to allow a wider range of use.
All components run on ball bearings eliminating friction and noise.
The use of steel and brass ensures durability and reliability even in extreme situations.
The manual release handle is made of pre-molded aluminum with a personalized key and cover lock in ASS: positioned on top of the gear motor allows for a practical and quick use, with minimal effort.