ALGORO® Folding Door is a resistant door, easy and soft to use, and its duration indefinite, without any kind of maintenance. Works manually or automatically.
The folding is made of galvanized steel blades that make the movement of the door soft and pleasant. The main articulation spots are fixed in double wheels, mounted with ball bearings, softening the common friction.
The articulated blades occupy only a small space when the door is open. The door articulations, interior and exterior, are made of galvanized steel special profiles, without welding, which guarantees its efficiency and durability.

The bay width and height may remain completely free. Bay's occupation is roughly 10% of the width.

We may also provide folding doors with glass or acrylic glass peep holes, allowing for the entrance of light, or with net, allowing for ventilation. It may be built with one or two sheets, with locks on the extremities, and may be supplied with Galvanized or Lacquered finish.