ALGORO® was founded in 1970 as the culmination of a long work effort. Nowadays, the company has a covered and useful area of 5000m2 where it manufactures Flap Doors, Folding Doors, Sectional Doors and Security Grills, as well as installs Automatisms in them. Remember that all our products are under our registered mark by which we guarantee our customers satisfaction and quality at an affordable price.

We seek to provide, at our facilities, everything the client might need to operate the Doors by offering a wide range fo products. In addition, we count on a team of collaborators who are able to ascertain the specific needs of each client and advise the best option for each case.

ALGORO® currently: 90% of its production is for the domestic market and the remaining 10% for export.
ALGORO® is commited
to innovation and to the launching of new appealing products that fulfill the needs of the market.