Accurate and Silent Mechanics
Reliability and security are based on mechanical components: produced with resistant materials, they work on large scale ball bearings that are set in pre-rolled aluminum molding, allowing the automation of sliding gates up to 600 kg weight.
The internal gear is made of enveloping teeth. This particular construction maximizes the contact surface between the endless screw and the gear, with the tooth wraping the screw helix, while in traditional construction the contact part is only of a few millimeters.
Result? Silent movement, ultra-high performance, annuled wear. 4 kg of pre-molded aluminum, ABS plastic parts with anti UVA treatments and painting with pure polyester make Dynamos a solid automation, resistant to any atmospheric agent.
The robust release handle in pre-molded aluminum with personalized key allows manual opening of the gate and disables the electronic setup avoiding undesirable maneuvers.