The ALGORO® Sectional Door creates a new style of decoration. In addition to the flat panel, there is a cushion design, making it the ideal door for industrial, residential or condominium buildings. This door is distinguished by its aesthetics and functionality, and it's a door that will benefit the residence because of its trendy style and attractiveness.
The Sectional Door ALGORO®
combines robustness, security and ease of opening.
With a quiet operation, it keeps the frontage line and doesn't take up space inside the garage. Works manually or automatically.

Technical Features

Our Sectional Door is made in double panel, with Polyurethane filling, perfectly insulating (thermal and acoustic).
It allows a completely free bay in height and width.
Opens vertically, and is very easy to maneuver.
Easy to clean and maintenance free.
Wind and watertight.
Allows for the substitution of any one of the panels in the event of an accident.
Galvanized steel hardware.
The perfect tightness superior system is achieved by an aluminum finish to the panel and an anti-aging rubber.