Note that the Springbank CV bottling, which is at a similar price-point, is purportedly a vatting of 6, 8, and 12 year-old malts (unverified), from different barrel finishes. Authentic and somewhat demanding, the Springbank 10 will delight enthusiasts looking for a malted delorean capable of bringing back those who taste it in austere but noble times. Insanely delicious whisky for a standard 10 year old bottling. Medium-short, black pepper, salt, and minerals. A long, smooth finish with notes of digestive biscuit and muscovado sugar. Bourbon sweetness, peat, citrusy, salty, underline sherry tones. Produced since 1828, Springbank Single Malts are lightly peated in our kiln and distilled 2.5 times. Good PLV. WebWorst Whisky Top 100 Scotland Campbeltown Springbank Average Rating 88.47 108475 votes Highest rated whiskies with > 3 votes 96.40 Springbank 35-year-old 95.50 Springbank 1966 95.33 Springbank 100 Proof 95.28 Springbank 1966 95.08 Springbank 1966 Photo by Slinte Mhath Whiskies About Shop & Tour Sweet salted caramel, toffee and drying peat prolong to round off this signature malt. Unique pristine fruit notes on the NZ sauvignon blanc side (crystal clear gooseberry and kiwi) that suggest a white wine cask in the mix. The finish is medium length and has a slight peatiness and mineraliness with notes of seaweeds, chocolate and oak. Light vegetal side. I read somewhere that Springbank owns the Glengyle distillery, but had to call the malt something different because Glen Scotia owns the Glengyle name. From what I remember, the furniture polish notes and youthfulness attacked my senses. I'm thinking sweet vanilla pudding as well as it has a creamy character to it. Finish is medium dry, more of the vanilla and nuttiness. On the nose: earthy wet fall leaves, moss, damp forest, honeycrisp apple, nutmeg, foraged herbs, dry heirloom gourd rind, pear, green apple, brown sugar, dried apricot, earthy mushrooms, morels, oats, hay, vanilla, hint of clove, walnut, distant smoke, clay, foggy morning at a farm in a colder beach townHoney, toast, strong pear, drier sherry, funk, craft heirloom variety cider, honeycrisp appleNot for everyone, but really enjoying this 10yr. The Whisky Exchange is the registered trademark of Speciality DrinksLimited. Today it is one of the only distilleries to malt, distil, bottle and mature whisky on the same site, and produces three distinct and highly prized single malts. Fantastic. 20. Read more about our new Patron offering, or hit the button below to contribute. Always bottled at cask strength, this is a wonderfully balanced dram that boasts a smooth, buttery body and rich, fruity palate. We deliver to countries all over the world! Otherwise nice herbaceous and the orange peel notes are also there. You can purchase the Springbank 10 from the Whisky Exchange for 42.95, with Master of Malt coming in at a reasonable 39.90. I wanted to try it because of how much I like Springbank. Over time, the whisky became nutty and very waxy, like cashews and almonds. You know, Im feeling Im about to lose my temper Finish: Ive just decided to go on strike. An excellent malt with maturity well beyond its years. ------------ Note: On the occasion of bottle change with the predecessor compared in parallel: At the beginning, although the old nasal something more open-hearted rueber (the bottle was also about half a year open), but after I can not distinguish 5-10 min in the glass and would sign my notes to the same again, therefore 1: 1 taken over. There is a sweetness in notes of honey and syrup and the creamy caramel note from the nose persists. Palate: Thin but silky body. This area between 200 South and 400 South was given the moniker by none other than Brigham Young himself, I have done some research concerning alternatives for Springbank. 4449145). At this price you cant go wrong . If you are at all uncertain about a product then please contact our customer service team before purchase. I detect sulphurous undertones with plastic and rubber; imagine opening up a new toy for a child. WebSpringbank 10 Year Old 70cl, 46% A fabulous 10 year old Springbank, matured in bourbon casks as well as sherry casks, adding a wonderful depth of flavour. Farm: Glencraigs, by Campbeltown slightly orange, sweet, slightly vanilla, earthy, minimal smoke, slightly cheese, Rated 83 points; an above average whisky for a below average price, peaches and cream, seashells, some bitterness, whiffs of smoke, and hints towards bretanomyaces. 46% ABV By clicking Notify me! (and ticking the box, if applicable), you confirm Thank you for shopping with Boston Wine Exchange! Otherwise lots will be sold as seen in the images. Registered Office: Elixir House, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London NW10 7SF,UK. The tropical fruit notes carry through to the finish, along with a waxy element and notes of mint leaf to round off this dram. The Springbank character married with the sweet, rich PX influence creates a perfect winter-warmer dram. February Auction Now LIVE, Ends Monday 6 March from* 7pm GMT. If this is not an option and you have questions beyond the offered description and images, please contact us for a more in-depth condition report. 7/10, bright, waxed citrus fruits and their rinds, some leather, barnyard, rather fresh manure in the background, in the best way. 7/10, medium - briny, seashells again, dry. 50% Refill Bourbon, 50% Refill Sherry Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on this website. Hint of smoke. The maritime influence uncovered in this single malt will take you on a journey to its Campbeltown home. On the nose, this remarkable WebSpringbank 10 Year Old Bottling Note A fabulous 10 year old Springbank, matured in bourbon casks as well as sherry casks, adding a wonderful depth of flavour. The entrance and use of this website and these Conditions are governed by Dutch law. The brand, in all its plain old school labelling and values, is widely popular with whisky aficionados across the globe. Springbank distillery has been owned and operated by the Mitchell family in Campbeltown since 1837, and it one of Scotland's most revered distilleries. Value (38) : 9/10. Please note: Due to the various ages of bottles and their seals, condition of liquid is at the buyer's discretion and no claim can be lodged against failure/leakage in transit. For a little while, I was thinking there werent a lot more distilleries that interested me in the entry level range, but a few interesting ones have popped up now, like Clynelish 14 (thanks to this blog), Aultmore 12, and Glenfarclas 12. Springbank does things the old way and is unapologetic about it. Left to oxidise, there was white-fleshed fruit like apples, pears, and even creamy banana. Is it the 2018? The twelve was so lovely; the ten had to be decent. That salt and mineral note comes through once again with the faintest touch of peat smoke on the palate. Finish: A smoky finish, trailing off on sweet cider and toasty barley. Hammer price: $25,815. Web55% ABV, 700 ml, Campbeltown Single Malt. Unsubscribe at any time. WebSearch results for springbank 10 on The Whisky Exchange. Fans chase these bottles in the hope that this year, it will be amazing! Maybe this sample has been sitting out for too long, or maybe my expectations for it were too high? Very easy going and easy drinking well balanced and tastes older. At the base, maritime notes and light peat provide extra volume to the nose. Registered in England and Wales (Company No. A whiff of honey & vanilla. The information on this website is only meant for personal, non commercial use. Brand: Springbank Release: 10-Year Size: 700mL Alcohol Volume: 46% Age: 10-Year-Old Region: Campbeltown Closure: Cork stopper Price: From AUD$80 If youve never tried Springbanks single malt whiskies, youre really missing out. Springbanks gentle giant. The malty sweetness is reminiscent of sushi rice. Just hints of leather, smoke and wood which is fantastic! Becomes a little dry, one might even suspect a hint of smoke. 4449145). 1,400 Bottle Worldwide. I was offered a sample, and it was so delicious that I wanted a bottle badly! 3,600 Bottles Worldwide. Registered Office: Elixir House, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London NW10 7SF,UK. WebMalt whisky / whiskey is usually made from barley, which has a particularly affinity with the malting process, and was also the most easily available grain during the development of th Stores and prices for '2023 Springbank Local Barley 11 Year Ol ' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in USA. We would recommend viewing/close inspection prior to placing any bids. The familiar coastal influence is apparent on the palate. A community driven website built by and for whisky enthusiasts. Average rating is 88.25 points . These, along with the distillerys flagship Springbank bottlings, are all non-chill-filtered, have no caramel coloring, and are reduced to bottling strength on-site with the same water used to produce the whisky. Palate texture is unaffected, although the burn is tamed. On the palate, this 10 year-old is both malty and sweet with a long elegant finish. An annual release, our most recent edition of the 25 year old was bottled in December 2022, with only 1400 bottles of the highly sought-after release available. Boring boring Springbank Mouth: Im very upset now. Your email address will not be published. Different farms, barley varieties, cask maturations and length of time the whisky spends in the casks from one batch to the next allow our customers a unique tasting experience every time. 2/2/2018, and remember its the UK market 700ml version. The Whisky Exchange ; The Character of Islay Whisky Company; Murray McDavid; World Whisky. The website of Whiskybase B.V. includes references and/or hyperlinks to third party websites. The distillery uses traditional worm tubs, a cast-iron mash tun, and employs mechanical rummagers (to prevent a buildup of burnt deposits) in the copper stills, which are heated with a combination of steam and direct oil fire. And now Springbank 10 can join the list! I get this for $56 at a Fine Wine and Spirtits in Long Island which I think is a great price compared to what the local small stores sell it for. Denne her er fra 2010 og dermed 12 r gammel Det er et For me, a standard that is always fun and never boring. Thats when I decided that I had to give whiskies more than one try, even if I disliked them the first time. We use cookies to improve your online experience. A fabulous 10 year old Springbank, matured in bourbon casks as well as sherry casks, adding a wonderful depth of flavour. A salty, mineral note develops over time. Dry land, a bright sunny day. Equal measures of complexity and robustness with an oily mouthfeel and plenty of spice, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. is creamy and viscous, very nice indeed. Pears, papayas, vanilla custard, soot, oyster brine. The distillery character comes through clearly, this beautiful mineral note that is vaguely reminiscent of wet pebbles. Customers Viewing This Page Might Also Like These Items, Glenlivet - 12 year Single Malt Scotch Speyside, Ardbeg - Single Malt Scotch 10 Year Old Whisky. WebS er det tid til endnu en aftapning i Foursquares Exceptionel Cask Serie. Springbank oli 100 000-140 000 punnan hinta-arviollaan yksi huutokaupan menestyneimmist myynneist. 55% Sherry, 35% Bourbon, 10% Rum To find a distributor in your country and area. Of course it's a Springer Briny - salt touch, peach and exotic fruits, pepper and a dash of sulphur. Quite resinous, I get some fir needle. On the palette you definitely get that infamous Cambelltown funk. 19. strong, spicy, low in smoke, subtle sweetness, bittersweet, Medium long, pleasantly bitter-spicy, salty, directly citrus, very light smoke, green apple, honey, here again I have a clear tingling sensation on the tongue, ashes, but not unpleasant, also in the mouth comes the green apple and honey, plus some acidity, overall very pleasant. Like the stubborn bull that I am, I refused to go near these whiskies, even though countless people told me how good it was. From that experience, I didnt touch another drop of Springbank for nearly four years. Even more vanilla pudding now, it is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Registered in Scotland, Company Number SC490586 and VAT Registration Number 197 5059 65. 2023 Whisky Auctioneer. Very good 10 year old. A light, easy going dram that has just enough complexity to keep me interested in what I'm sipping. WebA mid-2017 release of 12 year old cask strength single malt from the spectacular Springbank distillery in the Campbeltown region. 89. Bottled 17/08/21 with code 21/120 it's matured in a combination of bourbon & sherry casks. ABV: 46% Why Springbank is One of the Worlds Great Distilleries. one bottle per order please. The orchard fruit and malt notes from the nose continue, providing balance and character.
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