Although its the spitting image of a hair from Get To Work, this version is available to everyone. Long, pulled up, half shaved Simmers can do anything. You can never have too many options, especially for longer hair. Heres your download link. As for this one, it works great on both male and female sims. I would love to use this hair for an occult sim, maybe a spell caster or a vampire. When it comes to thick, curly hairstyles, its always the CC creators killing it. The pack introduces 33 new colors including those of Electronic Arts. that by closing this notice, interacting with any link or button outside this notice, or by continuing to browse or Grab this hair from this page. #ts4 cc #sims 4 hair cc #ts4 hair cc #sims 4 female . We already have a male ponytail in the base game, but 7 years on, its looking a little chunky. Please remember most of these hairstyles are for female characters and you can download them for free. Start your VIP membership for as low as Creator Kotcat has managed to make a hair that tops most other straight hairs. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod. Your VIP Trial is active! Its a standard long, slightly wavy style with two small sections pulled up like pigtails. These hairs are great because they cover all sorts of more simple hairstyles that will look great on all your favourite sims. Put together, you have one of the most elaborate hairstyles on this list. This braid set is awesome because it is made perfectly for both masculine and feminine sims and looks amazing on both! This hair is perfect for your sims and really lets you show off their custom earrings. Last but not least on our list is this hairstyle by Ebonix. Sims 4 / Hair / Hairstyles / Female. Then you need to get this custom long hair! We obviously cant just talk about adults for these hair options, absolutely not! The Sims 4 enables us to live out our wildest fantasies, like having hair this awesome. Maxis Match doesnt necessarily mean less detail, as this creator has proven. See more ideas about sims 4, maxis match, sims. You can even choose whether or not to include the bangs, which really make a lot difference. There are two side braids that work from above the ear to the back of the head where they go into a beautiful bun. This is curly hair that looks naturally wavy. The bangs are adorable since they arent just straight across and it lets you have a small gap in the middle so you can see a bit of forehead. Sims 4 Cottage House CCs Dont Miss Out On These! .edu emails don't tend to allow TSR emails through the gateway. As a VIP member, you can add up to 1 Gb of custom content in your Required fields are marked *. *Note: games are non-refundable once this plan is purchased. Sims 4 Curly Ponytail by simstrouble This long curly updo is a must-have for your sporty sims! The best part about this hair is the varying layers that add texture and style and really make it seem realistic. The details on this one are great, and it looks so good on so many sims! The level of fine details seen here is unmatched. Unlock everything by joining our VIP supporters plan today! It looks especially good on a sim who has a few custom tattoos! Accessories are the key to a beautiful style! I can totally see this on a sim who is totally cool with custom tattoos and piercings but also worn by a sim who loves their cats and wants to spend their time reading a book, definitely a good one to add to your game. Heres your download link. Now both boys and girls can go the opposite route with this wonderfully edgy do. But when youre a Sim, no amount of movement will displace your hair. Click here to grab this mod hairstyle. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It has a very feminine appearance thatll keep your Sims looking as pretty as a picture. Sims 4 Male Curly Hair CC by okruee This is a lovely curly hair for male sims. These braids are done so well and have such great detail work and I love this hairstyle for a sim who is young, teen or young adult, and is in high school or university. You cant go wrong with a neat, combed style. Birksches Robby Hair is messy, shaggy, and overall incredibly cool. Saurus herself says this unisex hair is basic, but thats what makes it so good. In our hair! This hairstyle is definitely great for male sims that want to experiment with a long hairdo and hoping to find the perfect one. They do! When it comes to modern updos, a side ponytail is unmatched. Most of the hairs we get through packs are pretty straight and thin, which is never a bad look, but I know Im not the only one always trying to find some variation. For the Hermes Hair, that names very appropriate. Johnny's male Sim hairs are consistently great, with modern styles, fun '90s throwbacks . Braids like this can be paired in a way with other long hairs, to make it seem like your Sim has chosen to wear her hair down or up from one day to the next. It shows off one ear giving more dimension to the hairstyle and lets you show off a fun earring. This is one of the only hairs Ive seen that has three main components, and they are all equally awesome. The Sims 4 has no shortage of trendy options. Each one is a different length but they all come with some really great side bangs, making any of these good for every day and formal looks alike. The spider accessory can be found under Accessories. Some people will want more than simple curls or sleek straight styles for their Sims. Daylife Sims But not so much so that it'll only work for formal outfits. This mod offers an interesting idea: giving your female sims a longer, thicker hairstyle. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licencors. Mar 26, 2017 - Explore Sims 4 Maxis Match cc Download's board "Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair", followed by 618 people on Pinterest. A slightly wavy, long hairstyle with bangs. Then there's a large, rounded bun, and finally some thick dreads that go low. In this CC release, Stephanine brings us three amazing updos for girls. It has a tapered appearance thats just irresistible! The gathered portion of hair culminates in a bun at the back, which has a nice twisted design. It works on teens, young adults, adults, and elders alike. But even if this will be your Sims go-to everyday look, its certainly not a bad choice. Next up is the Adria Hair which has a gorgeous shoulder length, half up-half down look. Download Basket and download it all together in just One Click. Among our sims 4 long hair collection, this Morrigan Hair stands out because it comes for both male and female characters. You get the beauty of long hair with the practicality of a ponytail or bun, without sacrificing style. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All around, itll look like your Sim has the softest hair in all the land. PPG X RRB Hair Set - sims 4 maxis match cC We all know what it's like to go from short to long, from straight to curly, from blonde to brunette, but nobody wants to restyle their hair all the time. Up front, some side bangs really round the whole thing out and add another layer of beauty. Briana Hair BGC 18 EA Colors Hat Compatible Recolors Allowed (Don't include the mesh) Recolored in @dustflwr Anathema Palette Custom Thumbnails for both files This hair works with my Yuna flower accessories found here. Shysimblrs gorgeous Mali Hairs offer something for all ages, and you get three options. if you want your sims to look fancy at parties, Try this hair. You should try all the different shades that this hairstyle is available in. Greenllamas edit of a Get To Work Hair hasnt just made it base game compatible, its also better than ever. Okay, yes, I'm included. You can use it only use it with female toddlers. Redheadsims-cc never disappointed us. Add Smilie. The twisted ponytail part of this hair adds a really special flair. But I think its safe to say this one will make any Sim look straight up gorgeous. With a pony tail and side bangs its an interesting hair that can be used for all sorts of characters. This hairstyle is so adorable and is something I would love to wear every single day and Im a fully grown adult human. Now all you need to do is create the perfect sim in CAS and then use the sliders on this page to make her look like a doll. Here we have a beautiful loose braid from Okruee, complete with stylish bangs to frame your Sims face. It would look best with some horns and freckles. That just makes it even more gorgeous and versatile! Adding accessories is the best way to make a hairstyle look more fun and more interesting than many of the boring EA hairs. Looking great makes you feel great which can make you more sure of yourself, right? It feels like a perfect play-date hairstyle or something youd wear to dance around your house! Really, it must be impossible to not be confident when your hair looks this good. Next up on the list is the Venus Hair which is a beautiful side bun that is great for sims with naturally straight hair. There are also gorgeous hairs pulled out to really help frame your sims face which is a beautiful feature that looks amazing on all sims. Heres another long hair for users who love trying new looks with their characters. But instead of talking about what this Krista hair is not, lets focus on what it is: beautiful, voluminous, and highly customizable. To download, click. The hair is slightly wavy and has a multi-dimensional colour making it super interesting and since this is a shorter hair it really gives you the option to put a necklace on your sim as a statement piece. This hair feels like it would be perfect for the cottage core sims custom content of your dreams! This is a hair conversion from the Sims 3 to the Sims 4 because who wouldnt want to feel the nostalgia? And this one comes in 24 swatches. You can notice how long this hair is from the photo. It has a very youthful vibe! Comments (10) Description. In this variation, the back and sides are shaved, really allowing the dreads on top to stand out in all their glory. Download Here! We honestly dont have enough hair styles that are this length. $3/Month. Install from this page. Every Sim can rock these curls! 11. Follow @maxis-match-cc and get more of the good stuff by joining Tumblr today. Styling real hair like this might be difficult but thanks to wondercarlotta, we can just admire it in pixel form. Pelo Sims. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Since 2019 I've been working on this website to help sims players get the most out of their gameplay and have the best time playing The Sims 4. Sims 4 Hair CC for Children by JohnnySims This pack of sims 4 hair conversions contains three different hairstyles, each with and without strands. It has a bunch of twists that all come to the back of the head in a beautiful bun and has two pieces of hair on either side of the head to frame the face. This cut with braids in it from naevys-sims is so adorable! OPEN FOR LINKSIf you liked. The accessory for this style is a gorgeous pearl headband with large and small pearls alternating across the head. These swept back layers have everything a child with style could want. The hair is great for a nice hot weather outfit or to wear with your favourite pair of overalls. It even comes with an optional accessory, a little bow that will tuck into the back and is available in 17 swatches. Heres something equally classy for the young dudes in your game. Mar 24, 2020 - Explore Simcandescent Sims's board "-Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair (Male)-" on Pinterest. Creator Notes. Your email address will not be published. Our next hairstyle is this adorable double bun up-do for your adorable toddlers. So, go ahead and add a touch of goth rock to your female sims look with this Pyretta Hair. FIND IT HERE 19. Short Hair with Bangs 1. The ombre looks amazing in every single swatch. Its the perfect choice for any spooky occasions like Halloween, too. Despite what my fellow Gen Z-ers might say, I dont think its a bad look. It comes in 38 swatches, so EA colors are included. This hair pack comes in 33 colors. Guilty as charged! Do you want an original, unique hairstyle for your female sims? This hair is perfect for any little girl and will make her look like an angel. Colors from the Ezrelea hair pack go beyond what you would expect from a simple recolor. Then theres a large, rounded bun, and finally some thick dreads that go low. The rest of the hair is long and wavy! We love what these strides are doing for masculine and feminine fashion. This also holds true in sims lives as you may get bored with what their hair looks like. Some of the dreads are thick, some are thinner, there are some wispy baby hairs up front. These are so much fun and really make your sims look fancy! This Lexi Sims 4 CC Hair is definitely an amazing option for a wedding hairstyle as either a wedding guest or a bride to be. A new hairstyle can completely change the look of your sims and give them a whole new vibe. It's fun to do crazy challenges or try to get your Sim to reach their goals, but let's be real: a ton of players spend most of their time in CAS essentially playing dress up with their Sims. (, Sims 4 Maxis Match CC: Long Hair for Girls (All Styles), Sims 4 CC: Best Maxis Match Long Hair For Men, Sims 4 CC: Best Long Sleeve Shirts For Girls, Sims 4 Boho & Hippie CC: Best Clothes And Styles To Download, 15 Anime Guys With Long Hair (Our Favorite Characters List), Top 30 Anime With Unique (And Weird) Art Styles. The next thing to add to your sims 4 cc hair folder is the fox hair V2 which has some really fun buns on either side of the sims head. You could scour the Internet for days on end and still not make a dent. Burns. It has the hair in two adorable pig tails that look super sweet and would be awesome for a teenager and the cutest part of this hair is the hair accessory ribbons that come out of each side of the pigtails. Since there really arent a ton of great textured hairstyles in the game we need to find some amazing custom content hair for this. Available in 36 colors, whether youre going for an icy look or a lighter tone, our Morgan Hair for Female Sims will help you create a stunning look that is perfect for your game. This hairstyle has a bunch of natural curly hair pulled up into a beautiful bun on top of your sims head with so much volume. if you need to contact Support, our Support Team will not be able to reach you. But thick waves like these really are all the rage nowadays. It just doesnt get much cuter than that. You agree We have to talk about children and toddlers too just to make sure that everyone has something cute to wear on their head with their favourite outfits. Bulky braids never looked so beautiful! If youve ever been dying for something that would complement your Sims boyish good looks, then this is it. We dont always get long hair for our male sims, right? This long hair comes with 40 swatches that you can be switched between. The style itself is a little messy or shaggy, which I always love to see. Installation Help Report this Download. The Stacy hair is braided and features a bang that almost covers the eyes. Youll never go back to using the base game hairs once you start using this one! And while I dont think most people take that literally, its really fitting here. The fun thing about these buns is that the small buns look like little hearts which genuinely just makes me smile. Stunning Hair CC for Male Sims (Maxis Match Hair) August 26, 2022 Lina The internet is flooded with Maxis Match hair mods and CC and our job is bringing the best of it to you in one list. Theres just no taming this hair. It comes in so many colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your character, skin color, and looks. In order to unlink your account, you must set a password. These are short and have a great natural appearance. The length is gorgeous and the waves on the bottom half look great. This hair came out in a series on TSR with a bunch of gothic themed items and this split dye hair is so great. Heres your download link. Actual influences on their personality or capabilities might take a little more, but maybe not. The trend of long hair is not stopping anytime soon and we definitely understand why! Everything here will always stay in place and remain in all its smart, chic glory. I understand that the sims 4 have limited resources as to what content they may include in regards to hair, but hopefully,. The clouds hair is a really beautiful and versatile one that can be worn on completely different sims. This fun fauxhawk is packed with style and detail. Sims 4 Half up half down bun: Creator Solice 8. Add some fun kids accessories and your sims are bound to be the cutest one at school! Long Hairs CC Showcase | SIMS 4 - YouTube 0:00 / 14:59 Long Hairs CC Showcase | SIMS 4 planet-honey 238 subscribers Subscribe 117 3.8K views 2 years ago CC&Tray files . Its such a nice look, and one that doesnt always work out for real people. Turn your Sims boys into dapper young men with this conversion. Ha! Thankfully, thats really all it takes to make hairstyles fit for toddlers. Well, this alternative from Simandy is sure to please anyone seeking something a little different. Download the goodies here. Click here to download it. Some people arent into the standard styles or colors. The hairdo is seen as casual, natural, and trendy. Yumi & Angel Hair CC. We will start our collection with this shiny long hair. You can download it here. The mod also comes with dark, intensely lined eyes that set the right mood for any role-playing occasion. These triple-threat look will work for any Sim, for any occasion. You can really see the love put into this and there are some face framing hairs coming down that just look awesome. And you can only imagine how nice it looks with hats, as well. Thanks to the talented CC community, the days of textured hairs being rare are in the past. FGO Complete Beginners Guide: What To Do First + Tips, Complete Beginners Guide to Punishing: Gray Raven (Tips + Dos and Donts), How To Solve the Puzzle in Sunken Temple of Qarn (FFXIV). From the middle part to the tapered effect, these braids are just impeccable. This hairstyle will surely compliment your male and female sims, whether teens, elders, or any sim of any age. to learn how to enable it. Somehow this super simple hair feels super fancy. There is a lot of dimension and pieces coming off the head making it feel super real! This post may contain affiliate links. The style is half up with a big side swept bang which gives it such a good look and the more fashion colours like blue and pink look amazing with this one. You can see from the photo just how beautiful this hair is. This style is perfect for everyday wear and allows you to keep it low-key or go for the bolder look with make-up. There are a few pieces of curly hair that are going right over your sims forehead giving them a beautiful bang too. This set of dreadlocks features a set of simple silver cuffs that add some extra fun and can be dressed up or down depending on what you want your sim to look like. This hair has a slight center part where you have bang pieces going back toward your sims ears. This dress took me a long time to finish, and I had a lot of issues along the way The people at Sims 4 Studio gave me a lot of help thankfully, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! This braided look is so gorgeously designed with so many beautiful details including edges looking amazing and the braids having so much dimension! Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC 1. In both cases, theyre small with a faint curly texture. Are you looking for a gorgeous short hair for your sims? The individual dreads have tons of texture and even has detailing around the hairline to make it look so much more realistic. This wavey long hair is suitable for your female sims characters. If you fancy a couple fashionable fringes for your Sims as well, you'll find that the Sims CC community has lots of Maxis Match haircuts with bangs that you can try.
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