- Cries of Fact! Madden has never denied being gay like closeted Heughan did in his embarrassing 'gays are camp' interview the night before TSWDM premiere. You supposedly like the idea of space travel so why not teleport to our Mardi Gras parade tonight - almost 200 floats (including floats of police, military, emergency services - all in uniform), 12,000 in the parade. Rant over !! . Outlander's season six finale just left us with one hell of a cliffhanger. Objectification. ". Macbeth is surely not improbable, I say Sam should put up some tickets for raffle here on DL for the premiere since so many have predicted the PR strategies, bearding and career moves. Either way not so many opportunities for underpants adds !! He commented in November 2013, Mercifully, these days people don't see being gay as a character flaw. R465 if he's wise he will keep far away from tumblr or reading any of those crazy blogs. Jamie is a Scottish Superman, for sure! Gay, he just looks like he's trying way too hard (wanted to do another pap walk to balance the Bros mention perhaps? If Im not familiar with someones WP handle, I dont grant access. How about Jamie going off with John Grey? It is honestly so concerning that Cait even likes anything this monster posts, The Outlander actor married the French photographer and beauty line founder at a romantic wedding outside Edinburgh that honored McTavish, Caitriona Balfe revealed to PEOPLE at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards that Tony McGill had popped the question after two years of dating, Actor Graham McTavish Planned a Scottish Castle Wedding for His Bride Garance Dor, Outlander Star Caitriona Balfe Marries Music Producer Tony McGill in England, Sources Say. And I still have more in drafts waiting for the right time to publish. News reports that Heughan, 41, was quite cozy with pretty brunette Monika Clarke at Caf Select in the Soho neighborhood of the Big Apple on March 7, 2022. He himself is still feeding the shippers btw. You can tell that he skips out on leg day. Sam's new publicist, Jennifer Allen, put Sam 'into a box' and the ridiculous beardings and PR fuckery started. selizz liked this. Is that why you called me the Queen shipper? . I've Googled but can't find information, is his part in Bloodshot a major character in lots of scenes through out the film or a slightly larger than cameo role but someone who might get killed off half way through etc ? Theres a parachute). r513 Bloodshot, now scheduled for wide release on March 13, will be dead and gone by the summer of 2020; if early reports of its crappiness are to be believed. Havent checked it all out yet but the visuals are pretty stunning. Here's an example of those homophobic stans and beards defenders [post redacted because independent.co.uk thinks that links to their ridiculous rag are a bad thing. Me, of all people. R527 I have also wondered if Sam doesn't dare to ditch Camuso because of Shatner, like maybe that would piss Shatner off and that might be bad for the HW career he wants. How is any of this credible. R552 who knows what'll happen when the OL hype is over, maybe he'll return to the theatre and find himself again. Both of them have been best friends for ten years! The roles he takes are generally guys who are doing something besides their leading ladies (Lady Chatterly's Lover excepted). Heughan no longer looks like that photo shoot.." A Wee Dram Of Whisky " contains quite a lot of calories. If I try to post something from twitter it brings up the whole damn site with all its postings! Looks like closeting will be even more necessary to get work with the premium women's hetero fantasy cable outlet. So I would expect that a TV series with trite dialogue, highly improbable story lines, weak characterisation which has to change with each new twist in the plot and mostly wooden or over emphatic acting would present few problems. In a recent interview, Sam looked back at his intense audition with co-star Caitriona Balfe. There are now multiple replies to several IG reposts of this fan encounter and amidst all the jealousy/shrieking there are a few interesting points. Exactly. Well actually, this mysterious (mythical?) He did regroup and suggest that she open a new different account, and his worshippers sighed about how understanding he was blah blah blah, so not a bad recovery overall. The 42-year-old Outlander star flashed a smirk as he made his way out of the John Elliott store after doing some shopping on Wednesday afternoon (January 11) in NYC. Just dress him in a two numbers to tight purple suit. r591 He sure does. MPC isn't about the physical necessarily, it's about challenging yourself it can be non physical too. Wake up, ladies and listen to what gay actors and athletes themselves say about the intense pressure they are placed under. As Always [R455] you make a good point. I'd say it's time to ban the troll again. I[R347] I believe Brasso stings when rubbed into delicate parts but it could explain the shiny balls !! R139 the Bond role is between Cavill and Heughan at this point. Duncan was always there. I think they are probably just good friends and the rumours have jumped ahead of themselves. In Chicago, the Blackhawks are owned by Mirz, a company with extensive liquor promotion avenues, and Under armour (so classily displayed in his prat fall at LandCon) also has business links with the team. I dont need to be successful. $$ 20 is expensive. I used to joke that it wouldn't be long before Mauzy would be taking outcalls in Vegas. Thank you R596 indeed the "pornstar" story and sightings seem to be a rumour.desperate attempt to keep up the hetero image. It's usually about money with him. I assume most of you would do the same, as well. And who takes the pics, Duncan is posting on his IG? jonesmle. The actors star in Outlander, one of the most . Ah, good old predictable Purv is following the bearding manual, posting: "From Multiple DMs Georgia is in NYC (you can see the US flag and a guy yelling about New York City) and guess who also has to be in NYC for his appearance on Jimmy Fallon tomorrow? [quote]Artists hire PR firms who work for them. Box office at the opening weekend 57.000 in Germany. SH can be pushed even more into the 'eye candy' box, with his performances in support, and the extremely ambitious Balfe is only too happy to be the focus- even the seating arrangements in one of those interview shows had the Queen sitting in her own chair while SH was squashed in with the others on the sofa - unintentional? In the longer term though, it will have challenges in the wider market - too many competitors, a lot of people don't drink blends (must admit to being a biased single malt drinker myself), it's quite expensive, and when OL ends, as it will in the fullness of time, not sure that the fans will keep buying. She is the very worst and is a coward for blocking me and not allowing feedback to her vile posts. (Not sure whether he is still with her, but Cavill had the same PR agent as SH - Jennifer Allen - same tactics). I don't think he has , what I would call for lack of another word, star presence .at least not enough of it to make him stand out against all the younger competition . Clever PR twist. He is getting tired of feeling like a grubby little secret. I've actually always thought that the Great Arse of the Great Ass is a bit flat - maybe that is why his pants often seem to be half falling off (no, on second thought it is more likely to be teasing the worshippers). {R182]It will be interesting to see if Heughan can successfully transfer to the big screen,taking a leading role, not the "Cameo "performances he has done so far.. Or will he forever be perceived as the heart throb from a smaller screen. No one is immune to his charms. Just before the play starts, the theatre starts blinking their lights to signal to the audience that the play is about to start. And of course there is likely to be periodic 'gf' game-playing to keep the non-shipper but still 'he has to be straight' OL lot on board. If Heughan follows my directions of [386] it will be a sensation ! After which, do you post her pages on Facebook? A bit more overt this time courtesy of Purv and Camuso, with the new Sam/Georgia duo dubbed Samgia - not that Purv is inferring anything of course, but, but..looks like they went to the Blackhawks game in Chicago together, and, andboth posted on IG wearing Blackhawks caps, so, so.. Not that they are suggesting anything of course, b-u-t .he went to sports events with MM and look what that was. In short [R271]-[R281] Heughan is laughing all the way to the bank ! The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I think its started a new Sam is gay debate amongst the OL cultists. I hope Heughan feels some form of shame or guilt for exploiting them.. r164 Yeh, demented is the word - they seem to think that buying merchandise from him will somehow give them some sort of personal connection with him. when MM was foisted on him at the last minute - apparently replacing Ron Moore's wife at the table, with Sam looking as though he was going to burst into tears at any moment (who would have blamed him?). Once you did, you began to share it with people who would never have known I accused Meokeob of being Camuso if you hadnt brought it to their attention in the first place. At the time I had no idea about S, what he looked like, or that they were even doing a show about the books. All around old, dusty, and hopeless. And the longer the pretense goes on, the greater the criticism if the veil slips. As Henry once shared, his lifestyle makes it challenging to maintain a relationship. The last thing any of you ladies want is to be engaged in a private conversation with someone who isnt who they say they are. After all, thats what folks want the most. Guess that goes with the territory of being in a popular T.V series and constantly promoting yourself.. Do you really think Id willingly let someone into a private blog who would betray me in favor of you? On the list I do like the idea of some of the impersonators - a Heughan impersonator could probably make a mint with the worshippers (but then of course they'd be sued by the man himself). If he came out as bisexual it would be completely unacceptable for the OL stans too, he might as well come out again as gay then. Now this WOULD be hilarious. 187 votes and 61 comments so far on Reddit reddit We shall see. Cause I dont. R516 MPC/Great Glen Company has a very small team of employees and most of those employees are working on MPC. In the previous thread 4 one of the last comments was about whisky, yes I agree that Sam's whisky might do wel for a few years as long as OL is populair. Much to my surprise I thought he looked kinda sexy in the suit he wears for Bloodshot. combined with his work schedule. So a new twist on the traditional beard - long, thick and multi-strand? Love the article's claim that 'Many of the gay rumors surrounding Sam Heughan (Outlander) seem to be tied to his obsessive attention to his body, like most actors', what a cop-out bloody excuse that is - hadn't seen that one used before. But with no major starring roles in the offering he decides to go it alone and produce and star in his own plays and films.Would not surprise me if he mounts a production of 'The Scottish Play' , directed by Graham Mactavish, with Heughan as Macbeth. jacket. I didnt know what I wanted to do, so I was working a lot and I traveledI flew to San Francisco R15 R16 R17..you hit the nail on the head. That would make 301 leather jackets here in the closet with me. Sam, pull your pants up - OK, you're shilling Under Armour briefs (on your IG too of course), but it just gets the worshippers too excited (can't believe the sighing on tumblr about his pants), but why not alternate it with sponsorship by a strong belt company? ), so determined to have him humping young females in his proximity, whether they are attached or not, Purv just brings attention to him being gay and undercuts the very message she is trying so hard to sell. He's just got to sack Monty - the guy just makes him look ridiculous and uncomfortable (and very un-Bond like). That was before Jennifer Allen was hired to straightwash him around the time of Lionsgate's impending purchase of Starz. His embarrassing public pick me pick me thirstiness on twitter about Bond at least seems to have diminished - he hasn't re-tweeted any of the three Bond odds articles of the last week or so. Rant over. [R357] Perhaps he's snowboarding .is that less dangerous?. How do you know I said that, newbie? True, neither of them seem particularly credible and even a cursory check shows up hole after hole in the narrative they are pushing, but Starz/JA/SH may assess that the inane chattering is worth it. Boring, poor acting (no surprise there) awkward sex scenes. He even follows and 'likes' the thong-clad images of the fiancee of his friend - that really doesn't fit the bro code, just as you don't slobber all over another guy's girlfriend, fiancee and now wife, whether she is your costar or not. She's mentally checked out of OL, unless she can be the only star, but he still needs the OL magic, such as it still is, including Jamie and Claire being sexiest couple. The choice was obviously made before the laughable Fallon interview bursting sausage skin purple disaster. Still, she can be entertaining, . Correction to above: the emoji Sam used means I love you in ASL: (Simple Love is indicated by crossing your arms across your chest.) "The thing about S and D is, if your right, which I very much doubt, they will be able to hide it so easily. ; He might be; No, Yes, Maybe; Not of course that it matters if he is (like hell), but hes not; Ah, hes just fucked up when it comes to women, doesnt mean hes gay! I'm pretty sure this is Sam Heughan from Outlander - lovely guy in real life. Scran season 6: Sam Heughan talks Sassenach Gin, favourite restaurants and life after Outlander. [R206]Agree, the R. Dahl biopic more Heughans style, with great actors in it. He could well have some sort of business connection, who knows, (after all, he showed off the briefs at the Con) but how convenient that she fits the beard profile - North American so the advantage of being offshore, heptathelete, blonde, 24. I mean, if you were here at the start you know that that rumor started the same way they all do by someone saying they have a friend whose second cousins boyfriend knew Sam and he used to be openly gay. Passionate about Scotland, Whisky, Tequila @sassenachspirits and fitness!Watch the latest video from Sam Heughan (@samheughan). Her promotion of closeting and bearding and all her stupid matchy shirt etc games are part of the problem in perpetuating the HW homophobia. r537 I don't drink or buy blends but my mates tell me that yes, it is very expensive for a blend - clearly geared for the moneyed up fangirls. It may be the beginning of the franchise that they would appear to want, but this seems doubtful - still, if it does well at the box office, that's all that matters to the HW powerbrokers. It started out in 1978 when they wouldn't allow a protest march so a mardi gras was held instead - couldn't legally be banned. The OL cultists seem to be even more intense than usual. Purv's inanity just feeds the scepticism. Many of the places they are at, or say they are at, do have liquor distribution connections. Sam Heughan has opened up about feeling "pretty depressed" after an a bike accident resulted in injury. R587 it was a stupid move of Diesel to not postphone the premiere. Such manipulation is almost beyond credibility ! It seems Sam Heughan 's motto truly is 'no days off'. Want to look gay? Re speculation a while back that Eiza could be Heughan's next beard, nuh. Critics 2,5/5,00. I love being his pebble.. Fleecing them for every $ he can, while he can. Based on these types of innuendos, I would be in a relationship or dating all my friends I go to the movies with. But it wasn't so long ago that a 'like' was proof of a relationship, was it not? r478 And Skelton still can't act. I'm all for people doing well in their business ventures, good luck to them, but he really does seem to be veering a bit to kitsch. Still, it will earn him a lot of money probably, and that is what it's all about for him for now. So Heughan now wants fans to stop objectifying him? I have to say I prefer seeing him at the rc with his whisky instead of his beard. He really can act extremely well with good material (although he doesn't fit Bond) - but he just undercuts his talent with all the 'private' life hetero games. [quote]He was simply magnificent, and gay. That happened before it was publicly announced that his character survived in the OL TV version. Could it truly be that JA wasn't able to get him any invitations? Sorry about the size - difficulties loading the damn thing - there are better shots, with her even closer during his on camera interview, but they wouldn't load at all. R64 is also R55, our homophobic resident troll who KNOWS that Sam is GAY:). the HW closet and crazy fandom is doing him no good. For the people up the back 'If Heughan were really a straight guy, why would the trolls bother to "defend" him? (further detail - he and newbie were seen at ArcLight Cinema and it was either before or after the movie that they just happened to wander down Malibu Pier for the cameras - this is so staged, yes, he's getting talked about, and yes, there is a woman in the photo, and no, not photoshopped, but the whole picture looks dodgy as usual). You're just a newbie who knows all about Sam from your days in London. Outside of Scotland he is very little known in this country and could do with putting in some solid acting work to change that. Im no genius, but heres where my mind goes: I called out someone on my private blog who I think is a Tumblr phony, and I said I thought they were Paul Camuso. Pretty extreme attempts to present themselves as Super Fans and get his attention. Turning him into a brand right now seems to be what JA believes is most profitable indeed. [R128] I see what you mean. - Fondness for acronyms, eg TMGD (The Magical Golden Dirk Heughans penis apparently). But then Putin introduced anti-gay legislation this summer sobeing a gay personI switched to Rudolf Nureyev videos instead. Sam Heughan Spends His Afternoon Shopping in NYC Sam Heughan is enjoying a day out in New York City. - Ronda Schmidt @fiftiesteacher So really..is Sam gay or not? site without all this bureaucratic nonsense, Personally I don't think there is ever a legetimate reason to do so. The most hilarious thing is the amount of people who shares the thought via private message but dont dare bring it up in their blogs because its unpopular and it costs you followers and friendships plus anon hate and the bad fan label. They were both in Chicago during Thanksgiving, so were they together??? (Some fans just didn't get that he doesn't like being objectified. Apparantly it does matter to him what he's selling. R184 I so hate Shatner's involvement, like why??? But there is no reason or benefit for the rest of the world gay actor Sam Heughan launches his "own whiskey", his own "tartan scarf" or any future thing he gives his name for. Maybe thats why theres something off about her post and also the replies. How anyone can have any doubts about his sexuality after watching his latest interviews beats me.He looks to have had extensive Botox and to be wearing feminine , luminous , foundation makeup and some kind of lip tint if not actual lipstick.. [ I know some make up has to be worn on TV ] He certainly does look more androgynous than ever,. In a lot of peoples minds, he IS Jamie.". outlander-starz: Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe at Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Outlander Panel 171 notes 5 March, 2017 reedpopthetodd It was an absolute delight and a career highlight to host the wonderful @samheughan and @caitrionabalfe at @emeraldcitycomicon this year. The gay talk just won't die, will it? Wonder if Heughans being paid to promote Scotland on Instagram ? Sam Heughan fans are in a frenzy after the actor shared the latest trailer for his new film Love Again.. Thank you [R274] I notice when I press the WW button the FF button goes blank as well so you may be right. There is some mention of SDCC ?- is that a maybe ?. I would love to grant access to everyone who makes the request, I just cant without first making sure youre not a troll. are just a few.(none of the pictures are mine and do not . Indicating, one hopes, a genuine, living relationship. Just ignore the troll - they will get bored and go back under their bridge. outlanderfandomfollies: khccbc1745: Y'all there really is no worse troll of Sam Heughan hate than @bootsaucepunk. I hope it does. Her makeup looked flawless and she looked relaxed and happy. Same old, same old. I was just a reader at the time. [quote]Cree has been at it again, nominating Heughan for The Uranus Award after he won the Saturn Award for best actor in a tv series. Is it my imagination but are Heughans stick thin legs getting even thinner ?Would it not be possible to ' build up ' the lower half of his body to match the top half ? QUOTE "the gay rumors are spreading everywhere, even in tumblr -where it was a forbidden subject in the past. Hold the press!! But today's news is CONFIRMATION that indeed, the public will see Sam in that role. I know you want me to jump in and say a negative word or two but I think Caitriona actually looks really good. The Spy movie was the far better movie. New SamCait content. She has the best potential to age gracefully. There was a lot of talk about the chemistry in the show, but he can have chemistry with a pebble. BAM!!!! Could do him some good - broadens his range a bit and the leads are great actors. Barnum supposedly said, "There's a sucker born every minute". A moving tale of murder, revenge and desperately late busses .no time travel but buss time tables !! (sorry, but I've seen the guy's testicles shining away on stage in 2002, and I didn't see anything magical - distracting, yes, but not magical, and I expect the 'Dirk' is the same.
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