But yet there was a part of me that I didnt understand. This part was like a bolt that was preventing the wheels from running smoothly. I agree with Robyn that the new silhouette is very flattering, though I also liked your dramatic dusters. I am for sure curvy but also tall and look best in structured clothes but I can pull off longer length sweaters. Another way to look at these style profiles is to remove the celebrities from them. I would love to read more about jewelry for the different style profiles. Now that Ive had my colors done and my style personality, I have all the info I need to go shopping! Ill admit, that assessment both delighted and surprised me. Do you miss it? As crazy as my mood C. Long and beautiful D. Neat and well styled E. Worn in the latest style 3. Jewelry and Accessories: they suggested smaller post earrings for daytime, which Im beginning to incorporate. But what David says to FGs is that the need for short hair is part of your head-to-toe look and long hair or medium hair just doesn't work. Ice Gray Pixie. I aspire to be well-groomed , pulled together in the sense of no bits falling off or getting in the way and love the unusual . Where I had great success in life, I was unable to truly understand the reason why to enable me to replicate it for the times when I'd fallen. But not complaining, as aging surely beats the alternative. I can also tell a difference in my attitude, emotions and my thoughts. They sound almost like Barbie dolls. "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." marilyn monroe A snapshot of the Ingenue Patron Saint: Marilyn Monroe In Pop [] But I keep forgetting that I can wear navy with black the all black, all the time aesthetic is so deeply ingrained! I think Im a mix of Romantic/Classic. Please create account/login through {{ customer_email }} email. one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous. 1. It seems dated and sexist. Style should express our personality, create a complete whole with both physiognomy and temperament. Thanks again for your explanations, and journey. (After years of wearing long-over-lean silhouettes almost exclusively, this is the biggest change for me.) Mixing and matching colours and patterns in unexpected ways shows their creativity, Lots of Details : Lots of outlining (collars, cuffs, waistbands, lapels) with piping of contrasting colours or fabric, braiding, beads, etc., oversized buttons, small crisp ties (ribbon, leather, etc.) Take the Quiz to See What Makeup Archetype Matches Your Face Still wondering what your Dear Peachie makeup archetype is? And keeping ties simple and neat, not a lot of fabric flapping around. Because Im very short (51) I need to wear Petite sizes (which arent often carried in brick and mortar stores) or have regular sizes altered. I gravitate heavily towards Classic garment styles with minimal detailing. This is the Robin Hood figure or the outdoorsy wholesome type that keeps accessories and make-up simple and natural. You dont have to wear a lot of make-up every day but foundation, concealer, mascara and lipstick are a good starting point. My style muse is Lauren Hutton, so of course the Adventurer/ Natural category best suits my lifestyle and personal taste. This course is truly amazing and eye opening. My Style Personality Profile isnt on the list. Red Leopard very generally defines gamine as neat, fun, snappy, tomboyish. I took the Maiden and Lover bundle and it was so informative and scarily spot on. INGENUE style type. I have always been a gamine style even before I knew what it was called. The only thing Im cross about is that Ive only just discovered you. If you have a classic style personality then you have probably noticed that you find it hard to dress down! Many of you have been asking about the particulars of my Style Analysis with Red Leopard, and specifically about the Gamine style personality. Perhaps its more a question of learning what cuts/shapes/lengths suit ones individual body best, outside the issue of trying to look taller and slimmer, as someone noted above. But since the time of Audrey Hepburn (the original gamine), it has been used to describe a slim, boyish, doe eyed girl with mischievous and innocent childlike appeal. I look best if there is a bit of edge in some aspect of what Im wearing; usually an accessory, but I do love a slightly period-looking or in some other way slightly dramatic/costumey jacket. Sometimes I incorporate a some Natural elements into my style, which Annie says is fine, as long as its neat and not too bulky/textured. Are there elements you are going to keep? I look forward to your post every day. While there are some recommendations-peplums, bolero jackets, bouffant skirts-that can apply to both, a Soft Gamine does not need the ruffles and daintiness that an Ingenue does. It was inactive before below 70%. I get it thats its just for fun and to help figure out the style that suits one best, but the terminology is downright icky. And, of course, adapting to this middle-aged body, which means things that used to look good no longer do! Small scale creative patters. ". But it also helped me step away from the superficial definition of femininity as prescribed by todays media. Often confused for petite, this is a style for all shapes and sizes. Wow! Celebrity examples: Ellen deGeneres, Carey Mulligan, Judy Dench, Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn. Underneath the bran, Outfits lately comment with the word OUTFITS to, Weve often been told we should retire our, These fall trends are actually classics. (Rather like your navy jacket.so maybe thats also a gamine thing? Your jewellery needs to be large scale, bold and unusual in design. Whether it is your sweet countenance, screwball personality, or complete disregard for protocol, an eternal child resides deep within you and she is your secret weapon. I dislike most of the loafer, brogues etc and prefer booties, ballet flats, suede boots have an enviable wardrobe of cashmere items. A great message for every woman! She feels her most at home in dresses and flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace, delicate accessories and when she is primped and primed to perfection. Much of it was confirmation of styles good or bad, that Id figured out on my own. I very much appreciate your comments. The Starlet is a sort of young romantic or a curvy princess. And Ayeshas poise is an example of how to do it all with grace. What I love about this course is that it is providing insight into how I move in the world and the "whys" behind it all. I believe I have validation & a bit of a blueprint going forward & look forward to the next steps of my own style journey, as well as following along for yours. Everything that you put on your body should bear some resemblance to your face shape, your body shape, your colouring, and should reflect your personality. Those of us with a gamine style personality don't like fussy clothes, preferring slim fitting styles. Always drawn to Audrey photos and her fabulous look. Thanks so much for sharing your style journey. McJimsey, Zyla, Caygill, Northrup, Kitchener's. More Kibbe Types Resources. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your understanding. See more ideas about gamine style, style, fashion. The only thing that has stayed the same is my colouring which is winter maybe a dash of summer. I lead from the heart, not the head.". I took no prisoners. Ayesha is a graduate of Yale University and a former television journalist. If you are a Spring, then almost all of the really dark neutrals arent going to do you any favors. Maiden women who remain in their child phase, may find themselves in a string of relationships with emotionally unavailable, dark and even abusive men. Would love to hear from anyone who can clearly differentiate the two types. Here are the wardrobe essential signature pieces to master gamine style clothing - a perfect mix & match gamine capsule wardrobe. After so many years wearing the long over lean style, something must have drawn you to it. If you are a lady of a certain age and are interested in looking and feeling your best then this blog is for you. A style or wardrobe personality is really just a way of dressing on the outside who we are inside. Even as a Black woman who grew up in the times of Jim Crow, Baker was secure enough in her identity to turn cultural stereotypes on their head. 2. a diminutive or very slender girl, esp. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural . Bobs and pixies are good choices. adjetivo. a diminutive or very slender girl, especially one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous. The written word is sometimes tricky to interpret correctly, and I appreciate that you responded. The Princess: pretty, delicate, feminine, with small-scale, petite features. House of Colour aren't unique in educating people about clothing personalities. To try and remove the bolt. The gamine likes to have fun with clothes, mixing up styles, such as pairing trainers with a dress. Also, have enjoyed the replies. NATURAL style type. As long as you keep your under layer fitted and the . Color works well and patterns tend to be low to medium contrast, asymmetrical with a lot of negative space. Thanks! She is best known as a featured panelist on The Grapevine. Few neutrals. Thanks Susan for all your work in trying to help us understand the style types. I may not be alone in appreciating your use of the personalities as examples. If you're anxious to jump ahead check out some of the other style type systems and resources below. Body type: straight and angular, may tend to long or sleek musculature (sinewy or lithe). Your receptive spirit, compassion, sensuality and depth separate you from the rest. The Princess: pretty, delicate, feminine, with small-scale, petite features. It is second nature to them. Delighted, because in general its a style Ive always loved and been drawn to. Anything quirky and fun such as owls, fruit etc in will suit them. I think Im a mix of huntswoman and adventurer with relaxed tech company and work from home wardrobe now (no PJs and bunny slippers!) Answers: mostly A under all sections. I had an initial exchange with the Red Leopard Ladies and didnt resonate with their suggestion of classic. Nothing too rugged or distressed. How do you want to be perceived? Baby steps is an excellent idea in so many domains. Boatnecks are good and shallow v-necks. It works for my feeling of slightly more dressy skinny woman ( over certain age 53 ) living in Bay area , California. Your hair needs to be low maintenance and wash and wear so (tidy) long hair that you can tie back is good, or maybe short hair in a well cut style that will look good if you dont have time to blow it dry. In order to bring more Yin to your appearance, you should emphasise your waist. Unconventional, fun-loving and original This is when I feel most like me. Necklines: turns out I can wear crewnecks, as long as they arent higher than my clavicle. I have always thought you look great, even before your style redo. Here are some other ways to express your Gamine style personality: Small scale patterns and accessories are best for Gamines. This blog has helped me realize that my personal style is best for me and I wanted to share my journey. There are several systems and most usually cover a version of the following style types: Dramatic (statement dressing, think Victoria Beckham), A slightly flared skirt is fine if kept very straight through the hips and thighs. Ingenue and pretty: think sheer fabrics and feminine, delicate florals and detailing. House of Colour uses six style categoriesDramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, Ingenue and Romanticwhich can be combined to make 23 types. The gamine style is sweet, childlike, gentle, innocent and adorably charming. See more ideas about gamine style, style, fashion. Your hands and feet are moderate to small, and your arms and legs tend to belong. People describe me as petite, pretty, delicate, feminine, animated ( as I like to dance), a surprise to me! Celebrity examples:Penelope Cruz, the young Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek and Gloria Estefan. Some of the personalized Gamine style suggestions were already in line with how I like to dress. Not anywhere as good as an in-person evaluation but definitely helpful. One of the young men even said that although grandmeres sac was not for me, my grand-peres shoes were fabulous! For scarves, again its about staying away from too much volume or texture which swamps me. 3. I'm a firm believer that getting older should not mean that we get frumpier or cease caring about what we look like. She is best known as a featured panelist on "The Grapevine". Kibbe's Gamine. Bags: small to medium sized, with some structure. Form dictates function. Smaller hoops are good too. You've poured your heart and soul into this. These extra B answers ensure that even if you have more E answers than A answers, you'll still be yang-dominant. Fits: tops and jackets are best when shorter (top of hip length) and more fitted, but not tucked in. I've never felt so comfortable with my feminine energy like I do now, and her Feminine Odyssey course is IT. Usually have long legs and arms, which are narrow in width. A slightly flared skirt is fine if kept very straight through the hips and thighs. See my complete disclosure policy here. My interpretation only. ENQUIRE TODAY Colour Consultation (London) We spend 3 hours together learning which are your most flattering range of colours. I like what you said about these being tools, not rules. The only issue I have is with Audrey Hepburn being called upon to be the iconic gamine. Style advice for flamboyant gamine and soft gamine overlaps quite a bit. Soft Gamine. Style Blog Style Syntax, a style blog dedicated to Kibbe and other systems of image analysis. And so with my Lover self, I'd unconsciously go back for more. I bought your Sophisticate bundle and have completed the Lover section, and I feel it has pushed me so much further on my personal journey and evolution. I always thought I looked best in shorter jackets (and I think you do too) I have suffered through the tunics and long over lean look trying to convince myself it was a good look for me. After going through the Lover programme, I thought there is no way that the Maiden programme could touch it or come even close. Your figure should be slim, feminine, and petite. Thegamine manages to maintain her youthful charm in spite of the sobering nature of adulthood. At one time Id say classic when working on the edge of the finance world. Surprised, because I didnt (and dont) have what Ive always considered a gamine body. Your guidance goes so much deeper than attracting men, its a life philosophy. This is the trouble I have with this type of style slotting. flamboyant gamine WARDROBE FOR FLAMBOYANT BODY TYPE. Gamine is originally a French word that means waif or playful child. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural contradiction that is the basis for her physical makeup. That said, I have been inspired to get rid of many of the black shirts/sweaters I wear by default because a) Im from New York, even though I reside in the very relaxed Pacific Northwest now, and b) its easy.The color drags my face down and ages me terribly. 13. After my personality quiz and measurements, Ally categorized me as Natural Dramatic (I was really close with Snappy Casual! I always learn something new or confirmation of ideas. Jamie Lee Curtis 's ice gray pixie is as iconic as her roles on screen. Sprigged prints, cute animal designs, often pastel colours and milkmaid type dresses are all types of clothing and patterns that suit Ingenues. Classics usually like their clothes and accessories to match, or at least co-ordinate as they hate a mismatched look. I just wanted to write to say thank you for your amazing work. Celebrity examples:Meryl Streep, Princess Diana and Emma Thompson. Your bone structure is angular, narrow, and sharp, with small breasts and hips. I love this post! Do you know your style personality? We were asked to bring 5-10 items from our closet that we loved and 5-10 items that we dont love. Susan, after your Red Leopard visit I wax inspired to make my own. I am now excited about being in my own little Paradise and letting my energy attract what I wish to create! Neither is wrong, but you have the power! Nothing can fool the eye that much. Susan, I look good in separates, need clean lines and some structure. Function dictates form. My mother was more Romantic when young but I couldnt do that either never having been seen as very feminine , which she was . Thanks also for the comment from Brenda Kinsel. She performed the wild La Dance Savage practically mocking Parisians and their preoccupations with African exoticism. And its tomboyish vibe matches makeup styles like Airy Boyish and Soft Grunge looks. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hello I'm Sally and welcome to Stay Stylish! Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype. As a result, I left with a very detailed notebook of which shapes, fabrics, accessories, and design details will work best for me. I learned to embrace my beautiful complexities. I like my hair to be A. Its the in-between stuff that doesnt quite work on us short women (Im also 54). The term classic reminds me so much of styles predating the 60s twinset and pearls and todays lifestyles appear to be much more relaxed and informal. ROMANTIC style type. Innately, you are strongly Yang in inner energy (your drive, charisma, and strength), with a secondary Yin evident in your youthful freshness and bubbly charm. Slightly tousled hair that is moderate to long in length looks best, but evening styles will work for formal events. The Bohemian/Natural Romantic: Feminine, sexy, glamorous, earthy. Im 55 with similar shape and like to do long shirts/cardigans over slim jeans, skirts and shorts. The terminology we use is not an exact science in the same way that a colour consultation is. Nobody has ever explained this the way you just did. There are subtle variations to all these archetypes and most people are a combination of at least two. Most Americans wear 15% of their wardrobe 85% of the time. Your email address will not be published. This is amazing! They are guidelines to help one visualise what it means to be a Gamine , Classic, Princess etc. The word gamine is a French word, the feminine form of gamin, originally meaning urchin, waif or playful, naughty child. Soft Natural (SN) A soft natural's hair looks best when it's soft and loosely layered. If your body is more round, you will look better in more feminine, curvy, draped clothing. Everything suddenly started to make sense. I saw some of her videos and I took the Archetype Quiz. See my complete disclosure policy. No, actually. This is not unusual at all; readers usually do put their own inflection on others written words. I can tell how much work you put into these courses. The Gamine: neat, cute, fun, funky. What a great post to start the week with! I am glad Susan qualified that description of gamine! It's really worth being yourself, anytime, anywhere, from head to toe. This course provided the blue print on how to inhabit these different parts of myself. Lots of straight, sharp, short narrow tapered hemlines. Oct 26, 2022 - Explore Sarah Hamblin's board "Gamine Style: Natural Gamine", followed by 197 people on Pinterest. Celebrity examples: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kristen Scott Thomas, Princess Grace of Monaco, Michelle Dockery and Courteney Cox. My trip to NY will find me wearing mostly navy, black and gray with only a little color thrown in. The feminine style personality is all about softness, drape colour, and curls. People with a dramatic style personality love to be noticed. BODY TYPE'S WARDROBE BOARD: https://pin.it/6oLOUrq* Gamine VS other "BODY TYPES" If you want to support me and get some exclusive stuff: https://www.patreo. A big yuck to the Fall/spring colours for me:( A Gamine needs small, sharp geometrics, Precision fitted and crisply tailored. In particular Im thinking about tops: Im short waisted and now that Im almost 73 I have a bit of a belly. I know I personally would be a combination of classic/sporty (which is a really easy blend of categories to slip into, since most clothes are classified as sports clothes.). Think of how you dress and what speaks to you. They like to make a bold statement with their clothes and put unusual colours and styles together. The Gypsy needs more structure and drama whereas the Bohemian is a softer more natural look. Everything under the rainbow C. Soft and gentle D. Navy and cream E. Browns and blues 2. Avoid baggy, slouchy, oversized cuts. Here are some more suggestions for dramatics: If you have a Romantic Style Personality you are often very creative and expressive too and often have womanly curves! After going through the program I immediately changed by branding to that of the Lover and my Instagram followers and engagement suddenly started picking up. But youre definitely quirky in a good way, and colorful, but you wear mostly classic, traditional lines. Jewellery should be small to medium in scale rather than large and chunky. Physically, you are Yin in size (petite) and shape (curvy flesh, rounded features), and slightly Yang in your bone structure (angular). Hair is last. Thank you! Necklines are best when neat. I can even wear shirts buttoned all the way up, depending on what Im wearing them with. Start there. While Manina is a Gamine, Rachel is a Dramatic and Ilka is a Dramatic and a Classic. Though I occasionally play with other style essences too: specifically Ingenue and Gamine. I do think you look terrific now not that you have ever been less than chic . She puts so much into what she teaches and you can tell. Now on to gamines! If the dress code at a venue calls for casual, you will most likely be the best dressed person there. Our very own Annie for instance is a mixture of Adventurer and Classic: the Huntswoman or Huntsman. If were one or neither, clothing wont make us into something were not. If only I knew what to replace it with! I want to build up my wardrobe so I have quality options, then spend more time in my closet just playing and creating outfits. Ayesha has been an integral resource for building myself up after my spiritual awakening. I became annoyed by the work I had to do in between and rescheduled everything else. Mixing and matching colours and patterns in unexpected ways shows their creativity, Lots of outlining (collars, cuffs, waistbands, lapels) with piping of contrasting colours or fabric, braiding, beads, etc., oversized buttons, small crisp ties (ribbon, leather, etc.) I find from working with my personal style and wardrobe clients that with style insight they suddenly realize why certain things in their closet just dont work for them. But that wasnt the extent of the style analysis, just the starting framework. Classics just have to be careful about looking frumpy or old fashioned. I had my colors done decades ago with my mother (what a lovely memory, as a young professional it was a gift I gave her), and I was identified as a Spring. In this video I share with you the mos. The Gamine Style is sweet, childlike, gentle, innocent, and whimsical. raiders schedule 2022 home games,
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